Noms: Sara Sara Cupcakes

My husband loves to cook, but sometimes we don’t have time for it. The other day, he bought something to throw into the slow cooker, but that didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. The charred up pot was intimidating! So today, I surprised my husband by putting some elbow grease into cleaning out the pot and then made a proper slow cooked chicken and dumplings. This lead to retaliation! He came home nearly an hour late with a surprise box of cupcakes! Touche, my love. Well played.

For my birthday a couple of years ago, we had red velvet and mocha cupcakes from Gigi’s cupcakes. The one I had inside the store was awful. The box of cupcakes that we took to the party was much better than the one that may have been sitting out all day. Still, the cupcakes weren’t the best I’ve had. So, my husband thought he’d give another cupcake shop a try. He went to Sara Sara Bakery and brought home a few cupcakes for us to try: Chocolate, Crimson and Cream, Sara’s Cinnamon Roll, and Strawberry. When he handed me the box, it felt heavy and the cupcakes looked pretty good!


When we picked up a single cupcake, it was heavy! The cake was dense, and yet it was so soft and moist. I loved the texture of the cupcakes through and through! They smelled so flavorful. The cinnamon was strong, like a freshly baked cinnamon roll. The strawberries were so aromatic. My husband said they cut up a fresh strawberry right in front of him and put it on the strawberry cupcakes.

I decided to try the cupcakes in order of what I thought I would like least to best; with the exception, that I wasn’t going to try the cinnamon cupcake. I loath spiced breads and cakes (yet I love cinnamon rolls).

I typically do not like strawberry flavored things (even though I absolutely love fresh strawberries). I thought that it would taste fine, but that it wouldn’t be my favorite. Turns out, it was so strawberry, that I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t because it was bad, it was just a matter of my personal tastes. I think anyone who loves strawberries will love this cupcake. I guess I’m just weird!

So, I thought perhaps I’d give the cinnamon a try, but I hated it. Again, it wasn’t because it was bad, it was because it was much spiced the way it should be, and I personally hate those kinds of spices. I guess I thought perhaps I might be surprised. Don’t be discouraged though, the best was saved for last.

Again, my tastes in deserts is very particular. I normally don’t care for chocolate cakes, even though I like chocolate. I’m not sure how my tastes became so contradictory! I tried the chocolate cupcake and it was DELICIOUS! Oh my god, I LOVED it! It was so moist. I loved the texture. I loved the taste of the cake and the icing was so creamy and delicious. So good! I highly recommend it.

Then we saved our favorite for last… the red velvet cupcake (Crimson and Cream). It was so good! I’ve had a lot of great red velvets, but this one took the cake! It has a unique flavor that I recognize but cannot place the name. I think it’s a type of cocoa in it? Whatever it is, it is so darn yummy. That is now my favorite red velvet cupcake!

My husband and I were very impressed and that’s hard to do. We’re opinionated and spoiled (and honest). Usually when we go for cupcakes, it’s always red velvet… but now we want to try their other flavors! I wonder if they have a mocha flavored cupcake?




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