Chapstick Addiction (Part 7)

It has been seven months without chapstick. I do occasionally get chapped lips, but it’s usually when I don’t drink enough water. I realize that I’ve not been drinking enough water for a long time. I usually go all day without drinking anything, until it’s time to eat. However, you shouldn’t drink only three times a day! When I drink regularly, my lips are fine and my menstrual cycle is healthier too! It makes sense, since you need water to bleed for a week lol.

You might be curious as to why I drink so little. When I was young, I was very sick. Due to my illness, I had to use the bathroom a lot. The more sick I got, the more I went. At one point, towards the height of my illness, I was in the bathroom every five to ten minutes, either urinating or puking. Even on my good days, I had to pee every 30 minutes to an hour. The more I drank, the more I had to go. Even after my surgeries and my recovery, I got used to not drinking very much. I used to keep a water bottle by my bed, so that if I woke up thirsty, I could take a drink.

Today, my lips are chapped and I woke up in the night parched! My mouth was so dry and I felt incredibly thirsty. I still have a water bottle by my bed. I don’t need it that often anymore. It’s been years since I’ve regained my health, and now I only go to the bathroom every 2 hours at minimum. You would think that I’d drink water regularly, but after years of not drinking enough, I guess it feels like an inconvenience to have to fetch a drink (plus I tend to just forget).

When trying to quit chapstick, I made it a point to drink a lot of water to try to rehydrate my lips. Drinking so much water felt good! Now I make it a point to have water nearby all day. I have a tendency to drink it regularly when it’s in reach. I also drink almost exclusively water while at work.

Even when I’m drinking regularly, sometimes I crave chapstick. I can use coconut oil to alleviate it. The oil soaks up super fast and it wears off just as fast. I don’t carry it around with me, it stays in the kitchen. I was scared at first, that I might end up addicted to the oil, but I’ve been very careful. Luckily, I’m not addicted to it coconut oil and I’m still free from the shackles of chapstick!


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