Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sure, it was fun watching Spider Man 2, but I was disappointed. I didn’t love it like I loved the first one. Garfield is a fantastic actor, so this time I feel it’s the writer’s folly. Peter Parker was self centered and aloof. I know he’s a wise cracking hero, but it felt like there were scenes that made it more important to have a bunch of jokes than to take saving lives seriously. It seemed like air aerobics were more important than saving lives. Then, when it suited one of the many plots, he saves one random guy’s life over the many who were being hurt. Why was he so important? Because he was an upcoming villain. As a fan, I employ the suspension of disbelief, but this movie chiseled away at it pretty good. There’s a killer with heavy artillery – why aren’t you people running for your lives? Why are you crowded around watching with your kids in tow? During a scene when I should feel sad and cry, I didn’t react as I would have liked. I wasn’t invested enough to feel it.

It’s still a fun movie to go see, but if you’re sensitive about comic movies, you might end up feeling about the same or worse. I was irritated, it didn’t feel right, and I was thus disappointed.


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