Funerals For the Wicked

There are times when people do horrible things and when they die, others will retaliate with the notion that awful people don’t deserve a funeral or that it should be picketed. In most cases, I disagree. To me, a funeral is not for the person who died, it’s for the people who are mourning the deceased. It’s for the loved ones to say goodbye and honor their memory.

Believe it or not, not all bad people start out that way. A mother who raises her child in the best and most loving manner will love her children. She might not see the side of her child that is becoming a monster. Her child, who is now an adult, might do something truly horrible and die, but in this situation it wasn’t the mother’s fault. As appalled and heart broken as she may be, no matter how much she is horrified and disagrees with what her child has done… she will mourn. She will remember all the wonderful and good things about her child that you never knew. SHE deserves to mourn, hold a funeral, remember the way her child was when he or she was deserving of love, and to say goodbye. I don’t believe that SHE deserves to be punished for the sins of her child. It’s not just about mothers, it’s about loved ones in general. If you spent years, or a life time, loving someone and believing they were a good person, that feeling of love doesn’t just magically switch off. You will love the person you thought you knew, and you will mourn that person. You will be hurt and angry at the betrayal, and maybe you will come to hate. Just remember that love is not a light switch in most cases.
Now in the case of the Westboro Baptist Church, it’s my impression that the founders loved ones and family were right there with him spewing hate. In that case, they deserve nothing more than that the hateful old man. It wouldn’t bother me at all if people picketed his funeral. Perhaps his family deserves to know what it feels like to be harassed and hated when trying to mourn a loved one at their funeral. Granted, I didn’t care enough to look up whether or not he has loved ones who weren’t Westboro, but I also don’t give enough fucks to picket his funeral either.
I muse that his death coincided with International Happiness Day. How ironic! Good riddance, ye who I didn’t care enough about to learn his name.

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