Do We Shower Too Much?

I read recently that people shower too much. Then I listened to a video blogger talk on the same subject. Then on Friday, an Indian coworker said that her doctor told her Americans shower too much and that this habit was drying out her skin. I had read/heard that showering too much washes off your skins natural ability to protect itself (IE oils and such things).

It’s been my experience that people who have poor hygiene look filthy, have acne and other unsightly blemishes, usually have bad teeth and breath, have a nauseating body odor, and are generally sickly. How many filthy people have I met? More than I care to have net. I go to conventions and there is a class of con-goer that is hygienically challenged. Beyond that, I’ve dating two men who showered regularly during the dating phase and then turned grungy after the relationship was serious. By the way, that’s not okay fellas! That’s just gross and fraudulent. I’ve also known other uncleanly individuals.

I’m one of those people who showers every day. I don’t like the the grimy way I feel when I don’t shower. All of the daily shower people that I know look clean, healthy, have good skin and fairly decent to good teeth, and they smell nice. Not that I go around sniffing my friends, but it’s nice when you don’t smell them or the scent of strawberries, or something shampoo scented, lingers with them. Despite all these experiences leading me to believe that showering everyday is a good thing, there is the nerd within me that gives me pause to think. After all, my Indian coworker doesn’t shower everyday, yet she doesn’t have an odor and she looks quite healthy. In fact, she is rather attractive and lives a very healthy lifestyle.

There was a time in which I was poor and couldn’t afford things needed to keep my environment clean and sanitary. I also had pets that I had difficulty re-homing when jobs were non-existent where we lived. It was a dark time that I left behind many years ago. So I know that in some circumstances, appearance and odor are less about how often someone showers and more about how clean they keep their environment. Another point to consider is that It may also be a matter of chemistry that affects how often you sweat. Some people sweat more than others. Some jobs are heavy labor or dirty in nature.

So saying we shower too much could certainly be true. If you keep your environment clean, keep your clothing clean, and monitor your chemistry and appearance, you certainly could shower less often and still be hygienic. As a person who showers every day, I also keep my environment clean – all be it cluttered most of the week, but clean! I don’t know if I could go without showering every day. The only time I seem capable of saying no to the shower is if I’m sick and don’t want to get out of bed. Otherwise, it’s pretty much impossible to convince me to skip a shower… even if I’m running late.

Granted, this is likely a product of my compulsive obsessiveness. I don’t wash my hair everyday, so there’s a start. And before you judge, my hair is fabulous!


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