Chapstick Addiction (Part 5)

Day 25 and going strong! I would say that around day 23 things started going pretty smoothly. I don’t suffer the dry lips all that much. My lips still feel weird, and they still peel, but they aren’t so dry anymore. Yay me! Last night, my lips got irritated right before bed because I’d been picking at them and hadn’t drank a lot of water. I thought for a split moment about putting a tiny dab of chapstick on, thinking it wouldn’t hurt anything, but then my brain said “DON’T YOU DARE!!!” I thought I’d be a fool to think it was okay to ever use chapstick again. Sure, it probably wouldn’t hurt anything, but at the same time… no. I think about how hard this month has been and how many times I’ve tried (and failed) to quit. I won’t risk it… not even for a tiny dab of relief. Other than that, I think I’m past the hardest part of this whole experience. Someone brought me 3 little jars of lip balm on friday and I told them it was evil LOL. Long story, quite amusing. Anyways, I’m just waiting for my lips to actually feel normal again. I will say that not carrying chapstick around everywhere has been very convenient. You just don’t know how inconvenient the addiction is!


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