Chapstick Addiction (Part 3)

Day 4 of Chapstick Addiction Recovery is going well! I’m feeling pretty good. Sure, my lips still feel damaged, but it seems like they are staying hydrated longer. I got my morning shower around 6:20am and didn’t put a wet paper towel on my lips until 9:52am. Until then, it really wasn’t as bad as the past 3 days. Although, towards the end of the day it was worse than it had been during most of the day. Having pizza for dinner was pretty aggravating. I do not recommend pizza or spicy foods while your lips are healing.

However, the fact that I was doing so well yesterday and so well today, is getting my hopes up. I haven’t used the watered down paper towel today, and instead have just been drinking water more. This is hopefully going to be a much faster recovery than I was initially expecting. I had been thinking it will take about a month, but maybe it’ll be more like a week or two. Here’s to hoping!


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