Armed with a Squirt Bottle

First, Monster (the “smart one”… usually) feels the need to express her love by yowling incessantly at my door all morning. So, finally I get up earlier than I want to on my day off. I come out of the bedroom and brush my teeth in the bathroom, where Monster starts the loving cat circle around my legs. At this point, I am trying to wake up (I stayed up late) and I’m still annoyed at Monster. So, I swat at her and chase her off. She sits in the hallway brooding.

Then I take my bath and once I’m all clean I decide it would be nice to just soak in the tub. I rest on my tummy in the tub and rest my forehead against the wall. Here comes Gremlin expressing her love by way of cute “birdy purr” mewing. It’s quite cute and therefore I am not bothered. I pretty much ignore the cats. HOWEVER! Gremlin, in all her great wisdom, being the smart cat she is (we call her the “dumb one” for a reason), decides that to jump in the tub in demands of attention. Also known as the “fat one”, she belly flops into the water and on my back. Gremlin very quickly realizes this was a bad idea and PANICS!

I am not amused. I will be armed with a squirt bottle of water this morning.


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