Meet Niji!

Niji was hand knitted by Amelia Ruth Thompson of Radical Works and then adopted on 04/20/13 at Cyphacon in Lake Charles, LA. I named her Niji, which is the Japanese word for “Rainbow”, because of her rainbow confetti fur. I (Cpt. Coppertop of Airship Horizons) was born and raised in Lake Charles, but we live in Oklahoma City now.

04-20-13 Niji & Me

I saw a lot of younger con-goers walking around with their cats on their heads and thought it was very cute. However, I was so busy working the vending table that Niji kept falling off my head! So I put my steampunk goggles over her to keep her in place. After we got home, my companion made me a cute pink nose and pearl button eyes. At first, I wasn’t sure how I liked my new face, but after a little while  it grew on it. It just seems to fit my personality!

050113niji2Niji even helped model the new toy goggles that I was designing.




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