A Forest of Toys

I’m a huge fan of stuffed animals and that includes stuffed plants too! So this blog post is all about my favorite plant softies on the internet. Mind you I am not including mainstream toys that you can find at standard stores, like Walmart and Toys R Us. These are the handmade goodies and patterns; things you find on etsy, blogs, and craft magazines.


The first toy I came across that wasn’t a tree, was the Vegetable Creature. How creative and cute! This little guy looks like something you’d find in an anime or game. It actually reminds me of baby Digimon. Who doesn’t want a pet Digimon?!

ShoppeofTheUniverse1 ShoppeofTheUniverse2ShoppeofTheUniverse3

 Joshua Thacher (Windsor, NY) doesn’t ask much for it, so it’s fairly cheap in cost (Yay! Cheapies Category). I’ve already bought it, so if you want one for yourself you should contact Josh at his Esty Store: Shoppe of The Universe.

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HandmadeStuffs-bannerAnother non-tree creative softy is the Eco Friendly Tree Friend plushies! Jennifer (Charlotte, NC) made makes her Tree Friends with jointed arms and legs, and about 18″ tall. She also makes them with 98% recycled plastic stuffing and even fleece and felt is recycled plastic. So, if you are an eco-conscious individual than these Tree Huggers are a perfect gift! I just love the colorful leaves on their heads and their twig-nose faces! It just makes me want to hug a tree! They are a little pricey ($40 + $10 shipping), but they are unique and one of a kind. Visit Handmade Stuffs on Etsy to get your own!

HandmadeStuffs1 HandmadeStuffs3


Page Divider Decoiusb_760x100.9751010_5xlwSo, this next item isn’t a plant, it’s a fungus, but it feels like it fits in this post. These are the cutest mushrooms I have found yet (and I’ve only found two mushroom peddlers so far). Charlotte Kolff and Damon Langlois (Victoria, BC, Canada) handmake these Shroompers from naturally antibacterial wool felt and non-toxic glue. They are Waldorf inspired Artist Dolls, which means that they are more fragile than toys and not meant for children. The Shroompers look like real mushrooms, but with some liberties of course.

il_570xN.374496482_6fqp (1)il_570xN.375428499_tjpp il_570xN.375430145_lbs1

They also have a little stump for a doll house! Now, this actually fits with the plant-motiff of this post, but I couldn’t mention the house without the Shroompers that go with it. I really love the whole ensamble. Unfortunately, they are not in the Cheapies or Reasonably Priced category, but they are on my list of unique and one of a kind! Stop buy their Etsy Shop to see more Shroompers.

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Speaking of the second mushroom, I have to include Dolls And Day Dreams for their friendly toadstool plushies. These are kid friendly, ready to play with, and on the Cheapies list! I’ve already sang their praises in my blog (click here to read it). Check out the policies section of Sarah’s Etsy Store for information on selling toys made from her wonderful patterns! Sarah is based out of Gilbert, AZ and she also has a website here.

dollsanddaydreams2Page Divider Decoiusb_760x100.6741110

I have also, previously, sang the praises of a fellow geek’s Plants vs Zombies pattern (read my review here)! Alix has created a spot on pattern of the Wall-Nut, Peashooter, and Sunflower. They are very well made and a real geek present for anyone who plays the game! The Sunflower is awesome, because like I said, it’s hard to find a unique flower plushy and this one is at the top of my list! At Arixystix Etsy Shop, you can buy a specific one, or the combo pack for all three (like I did), and they’re all priced in the Cheapies zone.


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Now we’re getting into the trees! Over at Little Dear on Etsy, you can get a pattern for some super cute seasonal trees! They have that kawaii essence that any anime lover would swoon for. They are happy little trees and pretty. You could make some unique holiday gifts with the appropriate season of the holiday (like the winter tree for xmas). They look pretty darn easy to make and I bet you could make a wide variety of trees with a little imagination! The pattern makes them about 10″ tall. It comes in pdf format and for $5 they are on my Cheapies list! Aimee Ray (USA) allows for you to sell the trees you make with some exceptions and a yearly licensing fee. Contact her on Etsy or her Blog for more details on her selling clause.

littledear1Page Divider Decohitree1

“Hi tree!!!” Tina Rodas of Los Angeles, CA has a charming Etsy Shop called Hi Tree. Tina’s unique and charming trees are handmade and are between 4 and 6 inches, depending on which tree you buy. She even has a big 19″ tall oak tree that would look so good on in my arms!


That’s not all… she also has simple but eloquent leaf earrings (Isn’t she pretty?), tree trunks with mushrooms on top, tree stump (felt) coasters, and more. Most of the trees are Cheapies, and others are higher but Reasonably Priced.

hitree6 hitree5hitree4

Now, I know this doll isn’t a plant… but Dorothy the Unicorn Hunter is so adorable that I couldn’t help giving her an honorable mention. Stop by Hi Tree to see what else there is!

hitree7Page Divider Deco

TBouchardCreations1 TBouchardCreations2 TBouchardCreations3

Terry Bouchard (Victoria, BC, Canada) loves making trees and finds it very therapeutic. She up-cycles woolen blankets and hand stitches each adorable tree. They are 12″ tall and stand on there own. They are her own design and I think they are just lovely. They would go great on an end table or couch… or a play room for children! Unfortunately, her trees are not in my Reasonably Priced category, but they are still worth checking out in Terry’s Etsy Store: TBouchard Creations.

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Little Fruits’ amazing trees with detachable fruit! I love it! Apple trees! Orange Trees! Banana Trees! Lemon Trees! Cherry Trees! XMAS Trees! I just want to hug it and pull the fruit off and throw it at my husband and giggle madly! If I’m this excited, imagine how much fun your kids will have. Ariane (Ventura. CA) also makes an assortment of loose fruits and vegetables too. Her Etsy Shop is closed while she’s filling orders, but you can check out her website and facebook in the meantime.


LittleFruits10 LittleFruits3 LittleFruits9Page Divider Deco


Julie Marie (Oakland, CA) makes cacti that don’t hurt to hug! They are made of felt, are about 5 to 6 inches tall (depending on which one you buy), and they actually look like cacti. I want a cactus too and luckily they are in my Cheapies list!

JulieMarieSink2 JulieMarieSink3 JulieMarieSink4

Oddly enough, she also makes the most amusing chickens ever. Now I want a cactus AND a chicken. BOK! Stop by Julie Marie Sink to get your own.

JulieMarieSink5Page Divider Deco


Now let’s talk about flowers again ❤ It’s hard to find unique flower plushies. You can find of lot of felties and crafts, but it’s not the same thing. Loretta Poon’s handmade plush fleece flowers may not be like the typical stuffed “animal”, but they were too cute to not mention. They are Cheapies – $8 for three cute flowers. Drop by Good After 6 before they’re gone!



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