BB’s For Babies

iusb_760x100-9578729_nkm5My favorite thing at BB’s For Babies is the Baby Blankets! Growing up, I had my blankie and I loved stuffed animals. Growing up, I never outgrew softies and a cozy blanket. Even as I sit here writing, I have my favorite blanket (that is always in my favorite recliner) and on the back of the couch (my recliner is part of the couch) are two of my newest toys hanging out with me. If I had a blankie/plushie growing up, I’d probably still have the tattered old thing today. What a great combination! Your baby can have the security of his or her baby blanket and the company of a plushie imaginary friend. There are so many of these plushie toy/blankets that I love that I had a hard time choosing which ones to share.

In addition to the blankets, Heather (Norman, OK) also makes a his and her first teddy bear and an assortment of other fun toys. BB’s For Babies is on our Reasonably Priced category.



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