The first thing I noticed at Baraqada, was their reindeer. It’s a relatively simple design, which is often quite nice, and yet it’s very expressive. The way he sits, or is positioned, gives him imaginary body language. With a dash of polka dots in his ears, he’s just a fun little reindeer.

il_570xN.396380525_eee9 il_570xN.396387734_aciv

Basia B. (Poland) has several expressive toys that I like, that I think would be a lot of fun to play with. The cow is super adorable. I have to say that this cow is my favorite of their toys. Her little striped legs remind me of knee-high socks and adds a splash of nonconformity to her! Simple is always best complimented by well placed colors and shapes… stripes are fairly popular with me!


I’d have to say that their toy designs are rather entertaining. They have several characters in their Etsy Store, including Owls with cute little feet and big wide eyes. The owls are full of the expressiveness that I like about their toys. Baraqada is also listed in my Reasonably Priced category!

il_570xN.340422101il_570xN.405063132_oormil_570xN.418194630_kb21 il_570xN.418194410_964o


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