Stuffed Silly


iusb_760x100-9087491Lisa (Toronto, ON, Canada) has an Etsy Store and Website called Stuffed Silly, that sells professional looking softies. One might say that it’s “store bought quality”. Now a days, with online stores like Etsy, the independent toymaker can setup shop. Don’t be fooled by their high quality look, because Lisa does make them herself with her sewing machine and hand stitching.

Her little Frost Monsters are inspired by Yeti’s and Gremlins, so they are quite mischievous.  They are about 9 1/2″ tall and are made to order. That means she doesn’t make them until you buy one and it takes roughly 5-10 business days.

She makes several other toys as well, including an adorable bear. At first glance, I thought the bear was a red panda because of his colors and face! Still, I did fall in love with him first. Also worth mentioning is her silly little monkey. I don’t find many monkeys that I particularly like, but she does hers so well that I can’t help but love him too. His eyes are huge, like a wide-eyed child, and he looks so happy and laid back.

It is far easier to find toys for girls than boys; so I’m happy to say that her toys are perfect for boys too. Check out her store and website to see what else she makes!


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