Sweet Poppy Cat


iusb_760x100-7548633There is a fine line between creative and ugly, despite that beauty IS relative to personal opinion. When I feel like I’ve been wading through pages and pages of gaudy overly-creative creations that just do not appeal to me, it’s like a breath of fresh air to stumble across the cutest, the most unique and interesting cashmere cat! This was the first one that caught my eye and his face just POPPED. I loved the expression, the color, and the little splash of craziness over his nose – it was so endearing. How fun!

That was the only cat in the store, so I searching through every 1,046 sales on her etsy (dedication or obsession?). I loved so many of them, it was really hard to decide which photos to use in this review! I found kitties, puppies, raccoons,  and even MONSTERS! The Monsters definitely satisfied my search for the unique and unusual.

Amanda Katzenmeyer (West Linn, OR) has a very distinctive style. She uses upcycled wool and cashmere sweaters. They are about 10″ tall and are Reasonably Priced. Each toy is one of a kind and has a personality all its own. It looks like there’s a toy for every personality that wonders into her Etsy Shop… so wonder on over to Sweet Poppy Cat! What a great shop name – it really fits her toys.



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