An Endless Frenzy of Frazzles


I recently mentioned that I love cute strange toys. As a ginger, I am no stranger to being frazzled and I have my own wild hair! So, these little Frazzles are right up my ally! They are simple toys, but with soft cuddly fabric and a wild head of hair, they are just fun enough to make it on my list

Each Frazzle is unique and fun. Some are quaint, some bright and colorful, and some festive. They are fairly cheap in cost, including reasonable shipping cost, but not cheap in quality. My favorite, the cupcake Frazzle (which I bought and named him Floofles), is made of bubble fabric, which is super soft and cuddly, and usually $15 a yard (at least in our local craft stores), safety eyes, and feathery hair. That’s actually pretty good quality!

sam_2349They have just enough splash of quirkiness to compliment their simplicity. If you have any quirky and fun people in your life, they’ll appreciate a gift of flavor too. Check out Tianna’s Esty Store Endless Horizons and Facebook to get frazzled yourself!


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