Moths of Sovriin


If you love bugs, you’ll love these moths. Mind you, these are not your typical toy. These are Art Dolls, which means they can’t stand up to hard play and they are more of a work of art than a stuffed animal. While they are costly, they are unique and so very pretty! Do you see how those wings shimmer?! It’s usually pretty hard for me to find good bug softies that I like, and when I saw these, I fell in love. They look so realistic, like something you might find in a fantasy world or an unexplored jungle.

This is an image of a real poodle moth.


Alexana Blott is from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Since these beautiful moths are handmade to order and she’s not from the US, you can expect a long wait to get them. It takes roughly 2 weeks to make them, and she’ll let you know if she needs more time. Although, I think they are worth the wait. Never rush an artist if you want her full talent poured into your moth… plus she does take some custom requests (short wings, fleece wings, longer fur, etc). They are posable, on average 15cm tall, 20cm long, and with a 30cm wingspan when fully extended. Since they are handmade without a mold or guide, chances are each one will be slightly different from another.

If you want to buy one for yourself, or buy one for someone special who happens to love moths (or bugs in general) check out her Etsy Store Sovriin.


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