Review: Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

I love it! But that doesn’t stop me from being opinionated on a few things. First of all, the food looks delicious! We’re definitely going to try some of his recipes.  The kitchen looks immaculate, which we’d expect nothing less of Chef Ramsay. The food looks fairly easy to cook. He gives some really simple, but very important tips, like how to cut things and sharpen your knife without cutting off your fingers. I rather like my fingers, thank you! I learned several things I never knew about cooking.

He doesn’t spend a lot of time being fancy and talkative and gets right to the point. He’s direct and avoids unnecessary fluff. However, that means that the recipes go by very quickly. If you are ADHD, you’re going to have some trouble with this series. You need to pay close attention and concentrate so that you don’t miss anything. It felt like I was missing important details and having to rewind the episode a lot. A LOT! If I looked away for a moment, or got distracted, I missed important parts of the recipe. I watched the episode twice and still had to rewind about 7 times.

Also, if you have trouble hearing, or struggle with accents, you might miss important ingredients. I am hearing impaired, and even though Chef Ramsay’s accent really isn’t that difficult, I still found myself missing the names of some of the ingredients. Was that vinegar? Oil? Butter? Let me rewind it a couple more times until I figure it out. Personally, I think it would help a great deal if they would post some words on the screen to tell you what ingredient he’s on.

Also, he tends to skip a few details that an inexperienced cook would find crucial. Just saying something akin to “flip it and fry it ’til it’s done” isn’t specific enough. How do you know when it’s done? How long? Maybe he did say it and I just missed it again! Rewind…..

On the flip side, the detailed instructions and recipes are in the online scrapbook! Guess it was all a moot point after all 🙂


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