Free To Love <3

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Pilot Hebert is a lucky bear to have two wonderful ladies in his life. Hebert met the lovely Olivia Chocolate at a Steampunk convention. He fell in love with her the day he saw her cuddled up with her favorite O.M. Grey book. He remembers how good she smelled… the scent of chocolate in the air. What a lovely couple.

Then one day, Ms. Chocolate met Florentine. Florentine was so funny and artistic. Olivia knew that Hebert would love her just as much as she did… and he did. Her outgoing nature and humorous personality fit-in so well with Olivia’s expressive and endearing style and Hebert’s quiet but gentle and loving soul.

Olivia and Hebert didn’t care that she wasn’t a bear or yellow in color. Olivia did not fall any less in love with Florentine because of her gender. Together Hebert, Olivia, and Florentine love each other freely and faithfully, sharing a love as any toy can express true love ❤


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