Melly & Me

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So far, my favorite of their patterns has been Snowflake the Snowman. Of all the snowmen patterns I’ve found out there, this is the one for me. Not only is it simple to put together, it’s also really easy to make accessories (like a vest, tie, or hat). You can re-size the pattern and make bigger or smaller snowmen without much effort. If you stuff him right, he’ll stand up on his own. You can make smaller versions to hang on the Christmas tree. I had a lot of fun with this pattern!

Melly & Me has cute and easy to make patterns. They use stockists, so it’s a little bit of hunting to find the toy patterns you are interested in; but the easy and affordable nature of their patterns are worth the hunt! You can see a list of their patterns here, which includes more than just toys.

You can, also, get Oopsie Octopus for free at Moda Bake Shop, complete with a lovely tutorial. Oopsie is another one of my favorites. He’s a fun style of cephalopod and he’s been my favorite Octopus out there so far! I love it when Toymakers offer a free pattern. It lets us try out their instructional style and gives us a nice treat ❤

Like the majority of my favorite Toymakers, Melanie Dekker does approve of selling finished toys as long as you give her credit on tags and listings, and don’t mass produce. Another plus is that they sell them in PDF’s! We know how I love my PDF’s.


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