Sew Lolita

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A Toymaker who brings out my nerdy inner child! What a geek you are Jasmin ❤

Over at SewLolita on Etsy, you can get the Sackboy pattern! SQUEE! I love playing Little Big Planet on PS3. Sackboy is so amusing and funny. The game is set in a toy world, which makes an actual Sackboy (or girl) so perfect. I am tickled that I can now make one in real life!

Sure, you could just buy an official Sackboy plush… or you could make your own! Think about it… is there anything in the game that you thought they were missing for your Sackboy/girl? Well, now you can make it yourself. Forget manufactured toys, go original and make something that isn’t in the game.

There aren’t very many toys for sell in her shop, but what’s there really puts a spark in my eye. Yes, it does come in a PDF and you can sell your toys with SewLolita credit (but no mass production commercial sells).


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