One Inch World

While surfing the internet for Halloween patterns, I found a picture of these amazing little “Treat Balls”. It was a bat, ghost, imp, and witch ball with a mouth that you could put candy into. I thought it was the coolest Halloween toy ever! The ghost was the one I loved the most because it reminded me so much of the Pac Man ghosts! However, the link in Google Images was broken so I couldn’t figure out where those toys came from. After a few days of digging and searching, I found the Etsy Shop that had the pattern, One Inch World by Katherine Donaldson. I was so excited!

I have made several of these Treat Balls and everyone has loved them. I even modified her pattern to include a pumpkin, black cat, and multi-eyed monster with wings and fangs! I had a blast making up new Treat Balls and even made an Easter Bunny. The creativity is limitless. The biggest child inspiring thing about these toys is the mouth! I’ve put candy, thread, a pencil, business cards, a battery, and even a spoon in their mouths to hold for me. These toys bring out the big kid in me!

Jessica also has a tree stump that you can fill with things, and some adorable toy cars too! All three patterns are so fun. I’ve even had a few people purchase some toys from me already. Yes, you can sell the finished toys with credit to One Inch World. The patterns do come in PDF’s. Also, check out her blog! I highly recommend these fun toys!


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