Oh So Happy Octopus

Among the lovely things sold at Jessica’s Happy Together Etsy Shop there’s an Oh So Happy Octopus PDF pattern. This is another one of those cute, quick, and easy toys to make. Personally, I recommend making the pattern bigger so it’s easier to flip the legs once everything is sewn. Jessica recommends fleece for this pattern with good reason. The octopus looks a little more square than round with other fabrics. It doesn’t matter too much because fleece is so soft and cuddly, and with some extra effort you could make another fabric work for your octopus.

And don’t skip the accessories! The accessories (bow tie, top hat, and scarf) bring a lot of character to an otherwise simple octopus. With a little creativity you could make your own accessories and give all your little octopods a unique personality.

What a fun little pattern, Jessica. You should make more toy patterns! And yes, she does allow for selling of finished toys, no mass production, don’t sell the patterns, and please give credit to Happy Together! Also, you can share your octopods on her Flickr page.


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