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DIYfluffies has a special place in my heart. The first toy pattern I ever purchased was Mariska’s cute kitty pattern on Etsy. I wanted something cute and easy (I know I use those two words a lot) for my first attempt at following a pattern. Her instructions are very clear and easy to understand. Of all the many patterns from many different Toysmithers, I still make Cute Kitties!

Mariska is a Dutch toy designer, so thankfully she does sell her toys in PDF’s. She also permits selling of toys in limited/small quantities, not for professional use. Of course, you can make as many toys for yourself and friends as you would like.

After some prowling, I found that among all her fun animal toys and monsters there is a rocket! Oh boy something different! I love finding little gems floating in the piles of fabric wonder. Most soft toy patterns aren’t entirely boy-oriented, but this one certainly is. So, if you are looking for toys to make for your son, nephew, or grandson get the rocket pattern or Yoki the Fat Dragon.


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