Cindee Moyer

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Have you ever heard of the terms “Artist Dolls” and “Soft Sculptures”? Yes, they are soft toys, but a lot more art goes into them. They are not typically easy, but they are beautiful and the most creative you can get in the world of toys. There is often a lot of fabric manipulation, painting, and lot of designing involved. This is what Cindee Moyer does.

Her toys are an art form! They have a unique style that feels whimsical to me. I wouldn’t classify her doll patterns (sorry no PDF’s) as “quick and easy” but the instructions make it possible for anyone to create a work of art. Give a try, because you never know just how much art is in your soul until you’ve immersed yourself into the craft!

I, also, highly recommend you read Cindee’s story on her Etsy Shop, because it’s very touching and it brings a sense of life to her toys.


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