Cheswick Owls

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There are several owl patterns on my list of favorites and these are on the top of my list. While a majority of the patterns sold at the Cheswick Company have a country or primitive style, the Harvest & Snowy owls stand out from it.

These kawaii owls are SUPER easy to make. I call them “kawaii” because they are a style of cute that remind me of many of the Japanese imported patterns I often purchase (although these owls are American made). They are also free-standing owls that actually stay standing up on their own.

It’s often that I find easy patterns that look cheap and unattractive, so I really appreciate simple patterns that look good – like Cathy’s owls. When you can look a toy and say “AWWW! I love those!” and then make them with ease without a lot of time consumption, it opens up more time for you to spend on being creative stitching in designs and details to personalize them. Or just make a BUNCH OF THEM! Who doesn’t want a giant parliament of owls? Yes, I said parliament.

Like the vast majority of the toy patterns I buy, the toys made from these patterns are PDF’s and permitted to be sold with credit to the Cheswick Company and cannot be mass produced! Yes, I do take commissions to make them.


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