Rumpled Quilt Skins

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In order to really understand why these toys are different than all of the others, I think using Kathy’s own words will describe them best:

 “I love to topstitch fabric to a muslin back and run it through a hot wash and dry cycle to encourage shrinking. The result is a rumpled texture and the inspiration for the name of my animal patterns: Rumpled Quilt Skins.” – Kathy Barbro

I’ve never seen any toys out there quite like these. I find these toys the most unique of all the toys on our list of favorites. However, they are not quick and easy toys to make. I tend to like my easy toys, but these are well worth the wait. Kathy does allow you to sell the toys you make, but if you want to make a gift that says you put a lot of heart and effort into it, then this is it!

A big selling point for me (aside from the fact that they are available in PDF’s) is that you can make a toy without the intended muslin effects like your every day toy – and it still has a unique quality! Like a true artist, her animals have a distinctive style in their shape and design. Just the same, I think it’s better to stick to the muslin, or else you are missing out on a unique and amazing toy experience! Imagine the level of pride you’ll have once you’ve made something so special.


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