Dolls & Daydreams

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You’ll see several favorite Soft Toy Pattern Makers, or Toymakers, on our blog over the next few days. For example, we would like to introduce you to Dolls & Daydreams. I bought her Skeleton pattern in her Etsy Shop to make for the Halloween and Day Of The Dead season. I can’t tell you how easy this pattern is to make, and it’s very inexpensive to make! It’s a very simple but charming toy that I just fell in love with.

Some of her most charming toys are the creative Mushroom Toadstools. How lovely is that? You can find teddy bears and kittens everywhere… but mushroom people?! They give me a warm child-like feeling inside. You just can’t beat an original idea that’s easy to make.

On top of all the darling dolls, doll clothing, and animals, she also has a doll house pattern where your lovely toys can live. If you do happen to create your own collection of Dolls & Daydreams, make sure to share them on Sarah’s Facebook. Check out her other online store to see a full list of her patterns.

A couple of big factors in my pattern purchases is whether they are PDF’s , which they are, and if there is a no-sell clause, which there isn’t. Sarah does permit her customers to sell toys they make with her patterns, with limitations, which you can see more about her policies here.

If you want something cute and easy to make with your kids Dolls & Daydreams is perfect!


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