Meet Pilot Hebert!

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This is Hebert. Don’t let the spelling of his name confuse you! It’s not Herbert, it’s Hebert without the extra “r”, and it’s pronounced A-Bear. It’s french!

His aviator outfit was a gift from my husband. He surprised me by sneaking Hebert into an early present. I love Hebert and I take very good care of him. His even an official mascot for Airship Horizons (part of our Steampunk hobby)! He’s been dubbed the pilot assistant for the ship.

Since Christmas, Hebert has gained two girlfriends: Olivia Chocolate (another bear) and Florentine Bunny. Don’t worry, he’s not a cheater! They’re all three in a very happy relationship. Hebert is kind of a shy guy, but his ladies are bold and keep him inspired!  The life of a toy is what you make it!


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