Meet Toki!

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On August 31, 2010 a manila envelope of toys mysteriously was left on an employees desk at work. All of the toys were little bunnies called Dunnies, made by KidRobot INC. That employee gave me one of the toys. I knew that she was a Dunny because I had previously been looking up blank toys to customize and Kid Robot INC sells these types of blank toys – such as Dunnies. I looked up the Dunnies again and found out that there are LOTS of dunnies that are officially designed by many different artists and companies. This dunny was designed by a company called Tokidoki in Milan Italy. Thus, I named her Toki Doki and this is also why Toki’s  “Fabled Real Life” bio says that she’s from Milan. Toki’s name and appearance, however, is very Japanese in style (Tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese) which is why the background also includes Japan.

At that time, I was getting into Toy Voyagers. It’s a website that lets you coordinate hosts all over the world for your toy, they take photos, and then post them to their travel log. It’s a great hobby for kids and “kids at heart” like me. The website was inspired by a french movie called Amélie. Amélie persuades her father to follow his dream of touring the world by stealing his garden gnome and having a stewardess friend send pictures of it posing with landmarks from all over the world. How fun, huh?

Well, I decided to make Toki my first Toy Voyager. In order to gain the interest of foreign hosts, I began taking photos of Toki and writing updates on her travel log. It was a success and Toki took on a whole life of her own! It was so much fun that I fell in love with Toki and decided that Doki (an identical toy doppelganger) would be the one who would actually travel the world as “Toki”.

When I got into the South Central Steampunk community, our crew took Toki on as a mascot and then wrote her into the Airship’s story as an actual character. So, I guess you could say that Toki leads a double life now! Toki’s now a big part of the family and she’ll always be the head mascot for Airship Horizons.

Not only does she travel with the Airship to Steampunk conventions, she is also a Toyvoyager who travels around the world! You can join for free and you can find Toki’s travel log there with TV ID 212511.

Toki’s Fabled Real Life:

Toki was born in Milan Italy, but grew up in Okinawa Japan. She was later abandoned by my family, which hurt; but she doesn’t regret it, because in the end she was adopted by the best people in the world! Toki was adopted on August 31st, 2010 by Airship Horizons. She joined the crew as the mechanic (and family) and has been living in Oklahoma ever since. Toki does, however, travel quite a bit with the family.

Toki’s Steampunk In-Character Bio:

Toki was created by Cpt. Amelia “Coppertop” Reinier of the Airship Horizons on August 31st. Back then, she wasn’t a captain, but we’ve lived on the Airship as free people. Our world (within the multiverse) was torn apart by an Aether explosion long before Coppertop, or Toki, was born. This is why Aether is illegal in our world (Aether Skies).

Toki learned over time to become to a mechanic; and because of her small size, she could fit into small places within the engine, and other areas, to fix them without having to disassemble the whole engine. When Coppertop inherited the Airship from her mother, Toki kept her role as the mechanic.

Just as Coppertop’s family chose not to gain citizenship on Copperbolt – the floating rock that is the epicenter of all trades in our world – our family in the new generation have chosen to remain free as well. Now we jump between worlds secretly and fight with the SCARS fleet against the Order where we can.


The SCARS vs Order content is a live action game (steampunk genre) created by Airship Isabella. However, the Aether Skies setting, while it is in the Multiverse of SCARS, it is it’s own separate game that is created by us here at Airship Horizons.

Even though Toki is a mascot for Airship Horizons, and she has a personality and life entirely created by myself and my husband; the toy itself was created and manufactured  by the KidRobot INC and Tokidoki company.



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