Meet Chico the Mouse

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Chico is my oldest, and only surviving, toy of my childhood. Chico has looked sad for as long as I can remember. I think it’s because he absorbed all my tears any time that I’ve cried. I had a particularly difficult childhood with lots of tears. Any time I look into his eyes, they seem so sad. Perhaps it’s a projection of my own sadness when I used to look into his eyes as a child. I always felt like he was afraid with me and cried with me. He was my first ever toy and he had shared my entire life with me. He holds all of my memories, pain, sadness, hopes and dreams.

Many many many years later, after I had grown up, I gave Chico a wash and discovered that he was silver… not that dark gray he’d been for so long. Today, even after another wash, Chico’s color has faded to light gray. Over the years I have had to make a few repairs, including his new red nose. It looks out of place because Chico doesn’t look as new as his bright red nose does; but, I managed to make it look a little more worn.

A few years back, when life was getting better and I was happy, I wanted to make Chico look a little happier. I tied a red ribbon around his neck. That ribbon is now replaced with a red tie, a vest, a top hat, white scarf, and xmas hat. I have been very happy in recent years and we thought it would be nice if Chico looked happy for a change too ❤


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